Insights from the interplay of Art & Science
(or "The Synergy and The Friction")

Idealism. Vision. Rigor. Process.


There is a definite area where art and science overlap. Both of them require discipline. Both require insight.

But science can falter when faced with the chaos that people create and require. And art can lapse into vague good intentions. They are both stronger together.

I believe that art is important enough to take seriously, and that science is important enough to enjoy.

If you'd like to talk more about practical ways to art+science your work, read on...


What do I mean by art? Or for that matter, science?

Art involves self-expression. It's a subjective, creative process that hopefully inspires the viewer. It takes courage to say something personal.

Science is about having the courage to face the world as it is, the confidence to admit when you are wrong, and the curiosity to find out more.

And they are both awesome forces for good!